This place is near Outeiro, a very small village just on the east border of Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês. The small construction shown in the photograph is called an espigueiro, and it is used to store cereals, mainly corn. Espigueiros are built on top of columns to make them inaccessible to rodents. They are a little everywhere in the north of Portugal (and other countries, of course) and there are many different types. Some are all made of wood, including the columns, some are mixed, wood and stone, like this one, and others are all stone, made from big granite slabs. For example, not that far from this place, there are the very well known espigueiros of Soajo and Lindoso that are all made of stone. Nowadays, the importance of these little constructions is not as great as in the past, so many of them are not that well preserved. The one shown here is a bit out of shape. The leaning of the walls is NOT lens distortion, believe me, the thing was almost falling down…


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