ocellated lizard

The ocellated lizard (Timon lepidus) is a relatively large reptile, reaching 60 cm or more in length, one of the biggest european species. The one in the photo was a little less than 40 cm, I guess. It is VERY aggressive and readily bites, humans included, and even if its teeth do not seem particularly impressive they are very sharp, the experience is quite painful.


14 thoughts on “Lizard

  1. Waiting for food to fall from heaven 🙂
    Really a fantastic shot. The skin is beautiful with the blue colour spots ❤
    Happy week,

    • Yes, the lizard was a bit scary. I would prefer the photo to be from a lower level, to be more eye to eye with the lizard, but did not dare to lay on the ground that close to him. 🙂

  2. Uau! Fantástico.
    Sempre aqui venho, fico com uma enorme dor de cotovelo. Apesar de tudo, até acho que era melhor ser mordido pelo largarto do que sentir esta dor de cotovelo.

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